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  • Bar (unit) — This article is about the unit of pressure. For the informal unit of signal strength, see mobile phone signal. For the knife, see KA BAR. The bar is a unit of pressure equal to 100 kilopascals, and roughly equal to the atmospheric pressure on… …   Wikipedia

  • Bar — may refer to:* A rod/stick, pole, or handrail made of structural steel ** Grab bar ** Rebar * an ingot or gold bar * Bar (diacritic), a line through a letter used as a diacritic * Bar (establishment), a retail establishment which serves alcoholic …   Wikipedia

  • Bar (Unité) — Pour les articles homonymes, voir bar. Le bar (symbole bar) est une unité de mesure de pression équivalent à 105 pascals. Le bar présente l intérêt d être voisin de l atmosphère (pression atmosphérique moyenne à la surface de la mer). C est… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Unit identification aircraft markings — Unit identification aircraft markings, commonly called tail markings after their most frequent location, were numbers, letters, geometric symbols, and colors painted onto the tails (vertical stabilizer fins), wings, or fuselages of the combat… …   Wikipedia

  • bar — bar1 [bär] n. [ME & OFr barre < ML barra, bar, barrier, prob. < Gaul * barros, the bushy end, akin to Ir bar, branch < IE * bhoros, cut wood < base * bher , to cut with a sharp tool] 1. any piece of wood, metal, etc. longer than it is …   English World dictionary

  • Unit Injector — (abbrev. UI) is a diesel engine fuel injection system, combining the injection pump and the injector nozzle in a single component, which is (usually) driven by the engine camshaft.HistoryUnit Injector systems were commonly associated as Detroit… …   Wikipedia

  • bar — Ⅰ. bar [1] ► NOUN 1) a long rigid piece of wood, metal, etc. 2) a counter, room, or place where alcoholic drinks or refreshments are served. 3) a small shop or counter serving refreshments or providing a service: a snack bar. 4) a barrier or… …   English terms dictionary

  • Unit 323 Leisure Bay Luxury Suites — (Кейптаун,Южно Африканская Республика) Категория отеля: Адрес: L …   Каталог отелей

  • bar|ie — «BAR ee; French ba REE», noun. a former unit of gaseous pressure, equal to one dyne per square centimeter. ╂[< French barie < Greek bareîa, feminine of barýs heavy] …   Useful english dictionary

  • Bar|ley|corn — «BAHR lee KRN», noun. 1. a) a grain of barley. b) the barley plant. 2. a unit of linear measure, about one third of an inch. Bar|ley|corn «BAHR lee KRN», noun. John, 1. a name for intoxicating liquor; alcoholic beverages. 2. a humorous… …   Useful english dictionary

  • bar|ri|o — «BAHR ree oh», noun, plural ri|os. 1. in Spanish speaking countries: a) a district of a city or town. b) a local administrative unit approximating a township in the United States. c) a suburb of a town or city. 2. U.S. a section of a large city… …   Useful english dictionary

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